New Moon in Aquarius: Time to Get Creative

On Monday, the wild Leo energy that had many of us with our claws out and roaring dissipates into a calmer and creative Aquarius energy. The most intellectual and progressive of the zodiacs promises to bring new fresh air into our daily lives. Aquarius is an air sign that tends to get people dreaming about the big picture and purpose. Many of us will start birthing new projects, new relationships and set off in new directions. The saying "I'll go wherever the wind takes me should be your motto this time frame. For Aquarius wants to help you soar and she will stimulate your mind in ways to help you think like no box exists. And she's right because there is no box to stay within. Anything is possible and Aquarius' new moon on Monday is a good one for all of us. 

Here's what to expect according to your zodiac: 


Aquarius: It's your season babe. The cosmic world is in your palm. Use your energy to take off. Set your intentions and watch them fly into abundance. Remember to clean your Aura with Palo Santo

Gemini: Use your intuition to answer those questions you have beautiful sister sign. Listen to meditations, do yoga, workout, journal or just sit in silence. Things will be clearer in your life. Use blue agate for clarityThis moon is bringing you a lot of opportunities now, you just need to make up your mind on which to pursue first. 

Libra: The door is wide open for you, but if you are afraid to step into the unknown than there are some blocks binding you. Sage & move around furniture to free the stagnant energy.



Aries: Feed of the Aquarius air to fuel your fire. Nothing can get in your way now. Remember you can summon a light breeze or a tornado. Choose wisely. Our Good Vibes kit will help you along the way.

Leo: Sweet Leo there is so much love surrounding you. If you didn't know this, there are angels around you forever protecting. If you are in a relationship, it is time to make a move. Ask your angels to guide you. Use our Courage & Confidence kit to assist. 

Sagittarius: Just like your fire siblings, you also will be reaping a lot of seeds that you planted a long time ago. It's a good time to enjoy life and practice gratitude. Continue to cleanse your aura to maintain that good energy. Our Palo Santo spray works wonders in helping us maintain a bright aura and mood.



Pisces: The hippie of the zodiac is always swimming along with the flow. However, this season Aquarius ask you to come up to the surface and take a breather. There are parts of your life that need to change. Harness some of the Aquarian intellect to help you examine what improvements can be made. After all, we can go with the flow when we have no option, but we can also create our own path. Light a cinnamon candle to reel in those intentions this new moon. 

Cancer:  Gentle and sensitive Cancer, letting people in is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. It is okay to express your emotions with those around you, people really do adore and care about you. All of us are going through similar experiences and connecting with others will allow that beautiful soul of yours to blossom. Allow the Aquarius air to fill you with the courage to be you. If you need extra help, use the Courage & Confidence to remind you of your inner power. 

Scorpio: Most people think you're not emotional, but it's because you're pretty strong on the exterior. In the interior, we know there's a lot of feelings moving around and you're in dire need of clarity. Try our Clarity Candle. Light it and ask the universe to help you see what you need to do. Then, set your intentions. 


Capricorn: Stop focusing on money so much and start thinking about what really makes you happy? That is what you need to plant intentions this new moon. Time to focus on your heart. Our heart kit will do you some good.    

Taurus: Time to take advantage of the present moment.  Stop making excuses, the cosmic universe isn't about that life. Use the Aquarius air to lift you so you can get out of your comfort zone. Of all signs, you are happiest when having fun. Try the Sage & Palo Santo Kit. 

Virgo: Are you ready to do you this year? We thought so. Call upon Aquarius to help you move towards your goals this month. Baby steps get you far into success. Light our "Good Vibes" candle.


TIP: Remember the new moon is a time to plant new seeds, write out your intentions, light a candle, sage away old energy and then wake up and light palo santo. Sage is to clear all energy while Palo is to keep our auras shining and our energy positive. We have a super saver kit that comes with both HERE 

Peace, Love & New Planting of Beautiful Intentions. xx Annie 




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