Mercury Retrograde: 5 Tips to Survive the Final Purge

Mercury Retrograde is returning one final time this year to help us purge, detox and grow. While this period often gets people anxious, you should welcome it with open arms. It's only here to assist you in finally releasing toxic behaviors, old wounds, and relationships that have been blocking your true growth. Remember in life, everything that happens is to heal us and help us reach our true self that shines in light and love. 

Here's 5 Tips to Survive Mercury in Retrograde: 

1. Surrender to Survive: Make peace with this period and let it come to pull out the things that you need to change in yourself. All of us can do better and retrograde will place you in uncomfortable positions so you can get out of them the correct way. Do you need to speak up more or bite your tongue? Perhaps, you need to inhale patience and exhale frustration more? Whatever it is, trust that it will be exacerbated until you finally fix the problem. 

2. Let Them Go: As you move into a new year, you enter a new phase where you can't take certain people or problems with people into 2019. Leave grudges, anger, sadness with others in the past. Relationships that are barely surviving or those that don't serve your greatest good will finally collapse. Bury them and mourn them, but don't try to revive something that is dead. On a sheet of paper write the person(s) name down and underneath all the emotions they make you feel. Then take it outside and burn it. Before you scorch it, ask the universe to take away everything in this letter and bring you peace. 

3. Remember your angels: Never forget your angels are by your side during the tough times, too. Call on them whenever you need healing or help. They will fill you with peaceful light and strength to move forward. 

4. Learn to Laugh at the Chaos: Technology gets wonky, things move slower, people from your past show up outta nowhere and lessons you haven't learned come back so you can finally past the test. 

5. Sage, Sage, and Sage: Sage daily. It will help clear out this highly charged energy and help create a gentle space around you. I'd also pack it with you or tote it around your purse. Our Sage spray is a must during this time. It is smokeless and 100 percent natural so you can use it anywhere. 




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