Libra Full Moon Brings Balance During Retrograde & Spring Equinox

It is time for some much needed balance. On Wednesday, March 20 the moon goes full in Libra bringing harmony to everything that has felt so off these last few weeks. Libra is an air sign and is all about peace, equality, and is ruled by Venus which centers around LOVE. Expect to find lots of couples getting back together and smoothing things out. The same goes with friendships and family. Single people will also benefit as it is the time for "Spring Flings." When it comes to dating, the universe says to approach it with the idea of having fun, connecting with other souls and learning about people. Dating just for a specific outcome sometimes causes you to miss the purpose of cultivating relationships that help us grow and formulating new friendships. One of those friendships, will turn into something more for many. This full moon will also be the last SuperMoon of the year and it is referred to as the Worm Moon because things start growing again. It is a time of prosperity for many businesses and a wonderful time to start anything new after the 28th. It is also Spring Equinox on the same day which marks the first day of Spring. 

Here's what to expect according to your zodiac: 


Aquarius: It's been a mix of highs and lows for you, water bearer. Luckily, Libra is here to help you find some middle ground between the extremes you've been juggling. Things start rolling for you again or should we say one giant avalanche of opportunities and gains after Retrograde, but at least for now, your non attached attitude starts to warm up again. You've been moody and quite sensitive to the world. Absorbing too much that isn't yours to absorb. Not to mention that throat chakra is open all the way and not that its a bad thing, but you can be extra saucy when someone crosses you. Try our emotional balance crystal to help. 

Gemini: If you have felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde these last few weeks, it's because life has been having you revisit the same issues you've been ignoring. You're so good at distracting yourself from problems, but the thing is those matters never go away when we avoid them. Retrograde caused a lot of things to resurface over and over. Good news, Libra is all about getting things done and they are quite diplomatic about it, this energy will help you resolve whatever has been tugging at your heart and mind for good. Be brave Gemini, once you solve this, it's gonna be a great year.  Use our courage & confidence kit. 

Libra: Well, it's your moon and just like every other zodiac it will help dissipate any restlessness that has built up inside you since Retrograde was wreaking havoc. The key message for you this month is keep it simple. Don't over indulge, don't overthink and don't overdo. You are much more free and happy, when you simplify. By all means, book a trip, buy a new pair of shoes to have fun in and pamper, but don't over do it. Use our Palo Santo kit to recharge your aura. 



Aries: Aries your impulsive nature takes a backseat this month with the Libra energy. This is a good time for you to think things through and really make a plan that isn't so emotionally charged. Sometimes, it is time to YOLO and sometimes, you gotta have a purpose. It's time to create a master plan calmly and look at your why. Ask yourself, what is the bigger picture? What will make me happy? What do I want more of in my life? Listen with your heart Aries, not your ego. Our Clarity crystal will open your 3rd eye and help you get in touch with your intuition.

Leo: You love to be in control of everything which often stresses you out. Your dominate nature relaxes a bit this month allowing you to see that some things work out better when you let go. Libra soothes you and helps you focus your creative spirit on that passion project you've been wanting to get to work on. Plus, if there is someone you've had your eye on, let them make the move, you'll see its better this way, too. Use our Tiger's Eye to keep you protected and focused. 

Sagittarius: You're considered one of the happiest signs on the zodiac, but your impatient attitude is your worst enemy. Libra comes to help you set intentions and walk away from them so they can grow into your life at the right time. Sometimes you get fixated on things and it won't make it grow faster, but actually does the opposite. Like Leo, you like to know the outcome of everything, but life isn't like that, we can only be guaranteed one thing: it will all play out in our favor. Let go of the brakes this season and let the universe drive you to some great opportunities. Use our Calming crystal to further help you. 


Pisces: Dreamy pisces, it's time to swim up for some air and get to work. Libra is disciplined and that is something that will help you execute all those wonderful ideas you have floating around your head. The universe advises you to keep a journal of your ideas to help you see them clearer otherwise they float away in your head. On paper, they become concrete and are easier for you to execute. You will do some amazing things Pisces, just write them down. Use Our Good Vibes Kit to help you during the process. 

Cancer:  You will find a lot of emotional balance this season and won't feel the need to tuck back into your shell and scramble away from people and situations. This is a great time for you to find love, Cancer or if in a relationship deepen that bond. You will feel your very best this season and will be able to speak your truths that you often hold inside. Even if your voice is shaky, speak up, the world wants to hear you, especially you. There's a lot of wisdom and wonderful things you know.  Doors will be opening for you as well just don't hesitate to go through them. During the slightest apprehension, sage away the doubt. 

Scorpio: You will find yourself this season finding true love or realizing the person you are with is the one. This person will be a great teacher to you, showing you to let go of jealousy and understand that you are truly a gift to be treasured. Scorpio when you have self-love, you'll be able to accept the love others want to give you. It's time to work on yourself this month. Your heart needs it. 


Capricorn: There is no denying you are talented, but it's time to fall in love with yourself and stop being so insecure. Nobody cares how much money you earn or what gains you have made unless you are including others in your success. You often are so focused on you, that you forget others. It's time to realize that if you want to pull in a significant person or build a friendship, you gotta shift your focus on them & make them feel special. Talk less about yourself and hear others more. Put two pink quartz together for love. 

Taurus: Earth babies, love the wind, but sometimes they like to stay too grounded. Accept major shifts this season with Libra in your life. Things at home start to find harmony. Many Taurus will be moving to new cities or new homes. This is a great start to Spring. If not moving, than begin to shuffle things around inside for good ying and yang. Your home is your refuge and it should always be treated so. Cleanse it with Sage Spray. 

Virgo: Breathe, earth baby, the Libra energy is so good for you. It will help you move through work and relationships effortlessly. It looks like it from the outside, but internally, we know how much your mind can feel like a hamster on a wheel. Spring means newness so expect a lot of it in your life. Use your detail oriented gift to help you visualize how you want the present and future to be and voila it will start to happen as quick as a snap of the finger. The universe responds when we know exactly what we want not when we are trying to do everything perfectly with nervous energy. Light our abundance candle for extra good juju. 

TIP: Remember the full moon is an ending of a cycle. It is a time to let go of what of what no longer serves us so that we can make room for new in our life. Make sure to sign up for our chakra balancing & get a candle lit HERE 

Peace, Love & Happy Full Moon! xx Annie 




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