July Full Moon & Eclipse

Full Moon got you in your feelings? On July 27, 2018 there will be a full moon (aka Blood Moon) in Aquarius and an eclipse happening, but you've probably been feeling some type of way, the last few days. Maybe you've been extra emotional, a bit more energized, having poignant dreams or just some interesting things happening that you didn't see coming. (Pause. Inhale. Exhale and repeat through it all). This time is one of heightened sensitivity so make sure to self-care and slow down to avoid melt-downs. Eclipses show us what is deep inside of us that still needs to be healed or released. Sometimes, it even brings light to a situation or a person in your life. Disguises and motives are unveiled around this time too so pay close attention to those around you. Don't be surprised to get some big revelations these days. Whether it is positive or negative, knowledge is power and getting insight into a situation can only be an advantage to growth. This is a time of deep introspection. We are called to look deep within ourselves and examine our thoughts and actions. Some questions to ask and journal out responses to:  How can we improve ourselves? What do I need to change about me? Do I need to end a personal or business relationship? Am I ready to finally take a leap of faith? Is there some self-healing left to do? Aside from this, make sure to sage your home, write down what you want to release at the end of this full moon cycle and charge your crystals. Blessings to new beginnings xx Annie

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