How to Take a Good Vibes Bath

                    Whenever I feel like I need to detox my body, mind, and spirit, I reach for the kitchen cabinet and pull out my salt box. Sometimes, I use white table salt or Himalayan sea salt. I grab a palm full and scrub it all over my body gently like a natural exfoliation. It melts away the dead layers on my skin as well as ideas and behaviors that I want to let go of. I stand under the shower and let it wash off. Other times, when I crave a deep nourishing cleansing for my psyche. I fill the tub with warm water, pour the salt in and sit and soak. I play sound bowl music off my iPhone or jazz like Etta James, I sage myself and I place an amethyst, pink quartz, crystal quartz crystal and black obsidian around the rim of the tub. Growing up by the ocean, I learned about the power of seawater to wash away my pain and renew my soul. Sometimes, we can't always take a dip in the ocean, but we can bring the water element into our daily life to heal ourselves. 

What you need for a deep cleansing bath to restore and renew your energy:     
      • a palm full of table or Himalayan salt pour in bath
      • amethyst, pink quartz, clear quartz & black obsidian place on the bathtub rim as well as a candle. 
      • warm water
      • playlist. download a sound bowl meditation or listen to soothing music that makes you happy.
      • sage- sage yourself before or during bath                                                                                                                                    *Listen to your intuition on how long to soak. Once your done towel dry and go. Sometimes I do 10 to 20 minutes. I know when I am done when I start to feel happy and restored.                        Happy cleansing! xx                            

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