How to Ring in 2019 with Positive Energy & a Zodiac Forecast


A new calendar year allows you to switch gears and take control of what adventures you want to create the next 12 months. Whichever way you want to travel in 2019, it is yours if you truly want it to be.

Here's 5 steps to guarantee to make it one of your best years.


Step 1: Clean and organize: everything in your space needs to be in order to signal to the universe you are ready for things to fall into place and flow in all areas of your life. Energy needs to flow and things unorganized will great barriers. So tidy up, do your laundry, mop the floors and throw away the trash. 

Step 2: Sage, sage, sage: Smoke out your entire space. Under the couch, below the bed, around door frames, your cell phone, your pet's bed and toys. As you sage, say: I release old energy that doesn't serve me and I ask the universe to replace it with positive, loving and healing energy.

Step 3:  Air It Out: Open the windows and let the element of air carry out negative energy and breathe in fresh new life into your place.

Step 4: Get Creative: Write your wish 2019 wishlist and create a vision board. I strongly recommend both. Every time, I've done this, things manifest so much quicker. As the year goes by, you add more intentions and goals, but it is important to tell the universe what you want now. It reads energy and as a longtime teacher, I saw the power in pictures & words helping us visualize. 

Step 5: What to Wear & Be Aware of: Wear something red, pink or orange to ring in the year. 2019 is the year of the Pig and the fire element. It can be anything, but you want to be able to channel that fire energy and direct it towards your goals.


Earth signs heed this warning, you will especially have to work harder in 2019 to shield yourself from burning and learn to let go of things that will be scorched in your life. Don't worry, you will eventually learn that we cannot attach ourselves to materialistic things or people. In the midst of change, remember to stay positive and calm and harness the fire to renew. 2019, will give you the chance to rebuild yourself in a better way.  All other elements, need to also be aware to redirect the fire the right way. Air signs, we know that we can fuel the fire so let's be conscious not to let things get out of control and then leave the scene of the crime as if you did nothing. Air signs, remember to come down to earth and stay grounded, you like fire will do exceptionally well since both of you together are the dynamic duo.  Water signs you need to also be mindful how you manage the fire element or you'll be dousing out many opportunities before they come to fruition. We all need the fire element, even aqua babies. Let whatever needs to burn be set ablaze. Whether it is igniting a new business (the fire helps you) or singe a fear out of your life for good. Fire Signs you are wonderful at championing many things and natural leaders, much success comes to you in 2019, but maintain safe energy in 2019 or you'll find yourself in an inferno you won't be able to control and we all know how sensitive you all can be when you burn yourself. 

2019, will be successful for all signs when there is balance. How do we create that? 

1. Accept change and breathe. Let go of what you can't control.

2. Exercise so you can release toxins from the body mind and spirit. 

3. Reading positive quotes and surrounding oneself with positive people and places. 

4. Give gratitude every day before you leave your home. 

5. Stick to a daily positive practice that brings you peace. 


wishing all of you many blessings and love! xx Annie


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