How to Cut Out Toxic People Gently

We have all experienced a toxic person at one point in our lives. This could be anyone from an ex to a friend to even a family member. Perhaps, you hoped it was "just a phase" that person was going through. Yet, it turns out, it has been over a year now and they don't seem to have grown much. Maybe you thought spending less time with them, would alleviate the situation, but in fact it didn't leave a dent.  If you reached the level of having a heart to heart and confronting them on the matter, yet nothing has changed. It might be time for you to take a break for a while to see if they can grow or if your gut says to gently cut ties than I recommend listening to your intuition. Your higher self always knows what is best for us.

Here are some questions to take into consideration before you decide.

1. Ask yourself what purpose does this toxic person have in your life?

2. Does this person drain your energy or do they fuel it?

3. Have you tried many ways to communicate that their actions are effecting you and none of have worked?

4. What are some possible solutions, you feel could help ease this situation?

If you feel it is time to move forward and cut that. person out then here are some ways to go about it gently and effectively:

1. Unfollow them on social accounts and block them. They don't need to see your stuff and neither do you. Seeing that toxic person's posts will not make you feel good inside and you also don't want to leave a door of DM communication open. It might feel hard in the beginning, but self preservation is important. 

2. Next, press the Call Block button on your cell phone. Toxic people won't disappear out of your life. Why would they? Usually, they are unaware of their behavior even after letting them know. They need someone to complain to about life. If they aren't paying you to complain than why are you listening. What they need to do is hire a therapist to complain to and not you. 

3. Clear Away Etheric Cords- After you have blocked communication, you still may experience this person tugging at your heart and mind. This is because you may have a strong etheric cord built with them. These are energy cords, we build with others and they connect back with our aura and chakras. Usually, lovers have the strongest. It is unhealthy to have this cord bond especially when you want to block them. Energetically, they can drain you or psychically attack you. The best way to release them is by writing their name on a piece of paper, asking the universe to release you from their life and then planting them in the soil like a type of spiritual burial. 

4. Hire an Energy healer or a Shaman. If that person continues to still pester then they are a strong force and you need help. it is important to seek spiritual guidance from an energy healer or a shaman that can help sever that cord in this case and release both parties of bad vibes. Sometimes, if it is a family member you can skip 1-3 and go directly to #4. This actually might be able to repair the relationship, but all cases are special and different. 

If you need a referral on an energy healer feel free to message me. 

xx Annie


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  • Lovely, thank you for the steps and guidance and support !

    Sending you lots of love and light :)


    • Annie Paninnie