Full Moon in Pisces: Restarting Our Flow

It's time to channel your inner mermaid. This Sunday, August 26, a full moon rises in Pisces. This moon is about flowing, creativity, connecting with the dream world and tapping into our psychic abilities. After a tough Retrograde filled with many lessons, Pisces moon will wash us anew and make us feel ready to go after our passions. Our dreams drive us and often times, we allow obstacles to stop "our flow" and eventually some of us give up. Yet, re-starting "our flow" is what this moon is all about.


What did you put off that has been on your mind lately? Is there something new yo want to embark on? You will be getting a new burst of creativity and ideas to finally make it happen. Plus, it gets better. Our 3rd eye will open as well. Pisces is the zodiac connected most with psychic ability allowing us to see past obstacles, past worries and get the universal downloads to succeed. It's a time to set intentions and to ask for clarity. Spend time near water (beach, lake, river, pool or a make a nice bath.) Play music with raindrop or ocean waves crashing if you can't get near the water element. The point is to connect as much as you can.

And as always it is a time to reflect. Try journaling, clear old stagnant energy by organizing your space, light up sage, lay crystals by windowsills to recharge and lastly, let go of what doesn't serve you. Many of you might want to scribble that on a piece of paper, submerge it under water and allow that attachment to wash off you. A new cycle starts after every full moon. Let us begin a new one, too. xx Annie


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