Full Moon in Gemini a Time for Transfomation: November 23

November has been a month of lots of celestial activity and we complete the cycle at the end of Thanksgiving. Talk about coming full circle to the thing we need to have most in our life: gratitude. At the core of our existence, we must appreciate all that we have, all that we've learned, all that we are and the all the wishes that are coming our way. This Full Moon referred to as the Beaver Moon is in Gemini. Now, Gemini is an air sign and twins are never the same although some may look identical. This Full Moon will shine a light on repeating patterns or the same kind of people that you've been attracting and should finally depart from. It will also have you equally examine your behaviors and the true loved ones who have helped you and you should hold onto. 

Here's a Q&A to journal out for this Full Moon before setting your intentions. Take them time to answer each one earnestl1. 

1. What change have you made this year that has made you feel empowered?

2. What change are you working on right now or want to take steps to resolve?

3. If you could improve one attribute in your personality what

would it be?

4. What is one thing you wish to have more of in your life and why?

5. In order to achieve something, we must change our belief system about that particular thing. This often means letting go of a negative idea we have created such as fear or unworthiness. What idea or belief are you willing to break free from in this cycle today?


Now it's time first sage, organize your space for better flow of energy and set intentions, remember to release what no longer serves you and ask for it to be replaced with what you want. 

Here are some examples of how to set intentions:  

1. I release: (fear about ending a relationship and going through the process)

    I replace it: with a healthier relationship that is compatible with my beliefs. I deserve the best. 

2. I release ( the access weight on my body) 

   I replace it: with a leaner and healthier body

3. I release fear of moving and not having the means to do so.

    I replace it with finding the perfect place to live and trusting the universe will help the funds and everything flow. 


 Last, don't forget to set your crystals out and charge them. Many blessings and Happy Thanksgiving. Intentions and practices can be done 3 days before the Full Moon. 

xx Annie


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  • Maria Ortiz-Cintron

    Loved this! Thank you for this, Annie. This felt very therapeutic.

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