Full Moon in February Zodiacs

The Full Moon rises Sunday, February 9 in Leo. Be prepared to roar with your intentions. Leo is a fire sign that is all about passion and courage. Energetically, all the signs will be feeling stronger and more assured of what they truly want. Clarity will be high. Make sure to use the fire element when writing down your intentions. After you write them down, recite them out loud with conviction. As you know, speaking our intention adds fuel to them manifesting faster. Our special good vibes candle is a good choice to help you. HERE . Now, here's your zodiac on love below.

Fire Elements: 

Aries: Would you marry yourself right now? What qualities define a perfect "soul" partner? Make a list. Check it twice. 

Leo: A true leader doesn't always have to give their opinion. In fact, it would be wise to spend some more time observing others, gathering information and understanding their viewpoints. Love is understanding.

Sagittarius: There is no relationship without honesty. Be honest with yourself so you can be honest with others about what is truly important to you. Speak your truth.

Water Elements: 

Pisces: Self-love is the greatest love. How do you love yourself? Jot it down. Are you making enough "me" time?

Cancer: It's not the time to hide your emotions, but the moment to face them. Have no fear, Leo energy will help you get whatever you need off your chest.

Scorpio: You already know if they like you or not. It's time to tap into your intuition and get the answers you seek. 

Air Elements: 

Aquarius: Buy yourself your favorite Valentine's Day candy. Treat Yo Self. 

Gemini: Get on a dating app and go on a coffee date with a few cuties. 

Libra: Sign up for a pole dancing class, buy some crotchless panties, get wild ya little freak.

Earth Sign: 

Capricorn: Sometimes love means cutting out toxic people that suffocate your growth. 

Taurus: To thy own self be true. It is in truth that real love flourishes. 

Virgo: You don't have to wait for an invitation, sometimes you gotta do the inviting out. Yeah, and don't over think it. Just do it.




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