Full Moon in Aries : 5 Easy Steps to Prepare

The Full Moon enters fiery Aries. It's time to channel your inner fire and use it as personal fuel this Fall to jump forward to new beginnings. Here are 5 easy steps to prepare for this evening's full moon and make the most of the energy. 

1.To set your spark, think about what you love and desire and now envision it in your life. That will allow the kundalini energy to rise within and remind you of the passion inside you. Passion is what drives us to move forward and not give up.  

2. Release your worries, past errors, pain and let them become ashes. Those are memories that you need to burn and release in order to move forward. Emotions get trapped in our body blocking us from moving forward. Here's how to do it. On a sheet of paper, write down the things you fear and now go outside and set that paper on fire. That energy will be released. This is an ancient practice used by many cultures.


3. Plant new seeds and give them space & time to grow. Now, scribble on a piece your new desires. Once you do that, fold it up and light a candle over it and ask the universe to bring those wishes into fruition.  Once the candle goes out, know that the universe has heard you and everything will manifest in its perfect time. Save that paper and tuck it away in a safe space. 

4. Remember others and send them light energy. Think of someone who needs healing or love. Now light a candle for them. The journey is about us and how we can help one another. Just like moon selflessly lights for all of us, we must remember to do the same for others. They don't need to know. Just choose a candle for them, light it and ask the universe to send them clarity, healing, and good vibes. 

5. Step outside and look up at the moon. Remember who you are. You came here to experience life and do your best. 



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