Full Moon & Eclipse (Wolf)

SIGNS AFFECTED: The intensity of this Full Moon which arrives today, (Sunday) has been affecting a few signs like Aquarius (a deep need for love), Scorpio (jealousy from others), Taurus (new shift in perspectives) & Leo (more autonomy) these last few days. If you are none of these signs then you may not have felt a lot of emotional tugging and exhaustion. Lucky you! Every moon affects signs differently. All signs as a whole are affected by the moon as we are all born from the stars. Full Moons are a heavy time of introspection and growth.

HOW TO FIND THE PURPOSE: The most important question to ask ourselves today is "What do we want?" and then write it down. Go full throttle writing it all down and do not stop for their maybe deep desires that unfold and you are worthy of making your dreams come true. As the year has started and now we are in the rhythm of things again. "Ask yourself has the year started the way you wanted it to? Do the goals you envision for 2019 still excite you?   
GROWTH & BLOCKS : The power to make goals happen is possible and the only barrier between you and them is you. In order to reach a goal, we must release something in the present that is creating that barrier. Is it fear? Is it a person (energy vampire), is it an old pattern?, is it lack of patience? Is it not staying the present? Is it lack of faith or trust?  When you examine your inner workings, you will see it clearly. Identifying it means you can heal it. Now, I meet a lot of people who have dreams and what stops them is getting ahead of themselves on making it happen. We must be in the present to plant our seeds and slowly grow them. Start small and grow your goal little by little. A tree doesn't become a tree overnight? Just like you. At one point you were a tiny seed slowly developing for months and months in your mother's womb.   
Clean your space and organize.
New energy needs to be able to flow not get stuck in your space.
Write out what you wish to release & what you want to replace it with.
Sit outside and watch moon.
Light a candle and recite intentions.

Keep manifesting! xx Annie

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  • Loving this post. Staying present is my daily objective through meditation and mi soul living. My stones help me so much.

    • Tatiana N
  • Thanks for sharing Annie! Getting us ready for today…..

    • Lisandra ”LC”
  • Thank you 😘💕. Much light to all🌝.

    • Mady
  • Love this, THANK YOU!☺️

    • Vanilla B
  • Thank you!

    • Mila