11/11 Unlocking The Portal

Today on November 11, you have a portal completely waiting for you to enter through. It will take you where you want to travel to in space and time. Remember this life is yours to create as you wish and write out the chapters of your life.  Stronger than a full moon and a new moon. 11:11 is the universal spiritual number of perfection and synchronicity. So how do you get into the portal? Well, it starts with steps. 

On this day, it is important to do the following in the next 24 hours.

 1.Sit down in a quiet space and do Automatic Writing. It is a powerful process where you connect with your higher self and the universe which will deliver messages to you and guide you on the deepest questions that may lie within you. Set the timer for 30 minutes and allow the magic to happen. Just write whatever comes to you. That will be your special message or messages. To focus on some questions you can jot them down and then go back to them and see what answers come to you. The answers will be the universe speaking through. 

2. Next, set intentions. Think about what you desire. Is it a new career ? A new love? Healing? More prosperity? Describe the intention you are desiring as much as you can and how you want it to feel, look and be. Focus on the energy of it being wonderful and positive because the universe understands energy. For example, if you are looking for a life partner, describe the way you want this person to make you feel versus how he will look. Who we are isn't our vessel, but our spirit. 

3. Purify your space and yourself. Use incense or sage to clean. This helps create a peaceful and loving environment for those intentions and connections with the universe to happen. 

4. Light a candle at any point today. If you can do it at 11 a.m. or 11 p.m. it would create more power between those wishes to manifest quicker. 

Many blessings and wishing you all a wonderful 11/11.

x Annie





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